Our Deepest Wish

Whether we are the paralyzed man, the celebrity or just someone wanting to matter… we don’t need a Savior who just grants our wishes. We need someone who will go deeper than that. Someone who will lovingly and carefully, pierce our self-centeredness and remove the sin that enslaves us and distorts even our beautiful dreams. In short, we need to be forgiven. That is the only way for our discontent to be healed. It will take more than we have, more than a miracle worker or a genie – it will take a Savior. Jesus knows that to be our Savior he is going to have to die.

Here is where it all leads. The end we will discover that in the process with what we thought were our deepest wishes, Jesus has revealed an even deeper, truer one beneath – and it is for Jesus himself. He will not just have granted that true deepest wish, he will have fulfilled it. Jesus is not going to play the rotten practical joke of giving you your deepest wish – until he has shown you that it was for him all along.

Four men lowered their friend through the roof. This was an extraordinary act of faithfulness and determination. They must have been beside themselves when Jesus said, “My son, your sins are forgiven.” They had risked so much, been so determined to do this for their friend. What went through their minds after all of this when Jesus told the man to rise? Perhaps they were the ones who said were “amazed and glorified God.”

This is the other thing. When we see what Jesus is up too. What he really has for us. We can’t help but be amazed. We will want to glorify him. We will want to express our amazement, our joy – our gratitude some way… how would you do that?

Dr. Larry Anderson

Watch the Story of how Stephen Baldwin came to faith:

In an absorbingly witty confession, Stephen Baldwin takes you on a journey from a life centered around money, fame and self absorbance to a place where life centered around him no longer mattered.

His confession orbits around the divine purpose of people who entered his life, the places he went and the things that were said and done even when life seemed meaningless.  Hiring a housekeeper to free his time, she instead brought him a message that liberated his life, leaving him on an uncertain road but a sure foundation.

His testimony is a journey of maturing from the burden of people pleasing and self gratification to a life of liberation and humility.


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