Monthly Archives: February 2014



I was at the gym, water bottle full, noise-canceling headphones tuned to this week’s pop hits.  As I clocked up the miles, too slowly, I was rehearsing everything that had gone wrong yesterday, and composing a facebook status in my head, that would tell my sad story.  It was a good post, one that would get maybe 50 likes and a lot of empathy status updates, from people I barely knew.  I took a sip from my water bottle and turned up the music.  One Direction, “Story of My Life”, was playing, and for every stride, I was confirming that yes, things were indeed stinky right now.  Then it hit me, and I stopped.  I ran to the front desk and asked the attendant if I could use the microphone.  I took it and yelled out to everyone, “PITY PARTY AT MY PLACE, NOW!” A throng of people followed me home in a crazy loud caravan.

Ok, so that didn’t really happen. If I were living inside a movie, it would have been an epic scene taken to ridiculous lengths.  In reality, I left the gym, and headed home to see the kids off to school.  When I arrived, the programmed coffee maker had just finished brewing and I poured myself a hot mug of magic liquid. It was a perfect morning to enjoy my beverage on the back porch, so I headed toward a lounge chair.  Breathing the fresh morning air in, I wrapped my fingers around my mug, and realized that I was acting like a child.  I was missing out on all of the good things that God was doing and focusing on all the bad things, with this full-blown pity party.  Pulling the coffee closer, I sipped and warmed my fingers on the ceramic.  A hummingbird came by for a drink at the feeder, and the rising sun was coloring scattered clouds.  I began a new morning of thankfulness to God, starting with the coffee in my hands.  The pity party packed up and left.  Life was full of many things to be thankful for.

Tina Stephens